TPA/OPS Auction #5

Sale #5 has been uploaded online – March 3, 2015

It has been some time since our last auction. Since then, we have totally revamped and reorganized the website. This is in hopes that the auction will become more streamlined, easier to bid and promote participation. Our website,, is fully functional and ready to accept bids. With 157 lots, there are a bunch of items for everyone. It includes a nice selection of United States (including #C13-15 covers), a few more collections priced to sell, a surprising number of foreign lots (including a nice collection of Eritrea) and some literature (mostly old sales catalogues).

I want to dedicate this more to the new auction website format which is a live auction. Rather than entering in bids manually and having a spreadsheet internally, this will provide a quicker response to entering bids. Here are some key things about the new auction program:

1) Registering: You must be registered to bid. This is a very simple process. Click “Register” at top. Enter your details. Wait for your confirmation email. Click the link and log in to participate.
2) Bidding: All start bids are $1.00. There is a minimum on each lot. Similar to eBay, if you have NOT met the minimum price, there is a red statement saying you have not done so. You will be sent a confirmation email of your bid as well as if/when you are outbid.
3) Donation Lots: Each donation lot is mentioned right by the lot number.

**For those uncomfortable with bidding online, you are still able to send me your bids directly as before.**

The sale will end promptly on May 20, 2015 at 6:00 C.S.T. The next Texas Philatelist journal is due out in early May so there is plenty of time to participate. If there any questions, concerns or issues, please email me directly at


TPA/OPS Auction #4

SALE 4 LAST UPDATED: JUNE 6, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. / 343 Bids Placed by 33 Members

We are pleased to announce our next auction, Sale 4, to TPA members. This sale saw a huge number of submissions from members of which we had to even hold back items for our next sale due to the volume. We have been trying to limit the maximum number of items to 125 per sale, but with so much great material, we have found it hard to hold back too many! We still have space for our next auction and I highly urge everyone who is interested in sending in items to do so soon. It is on a first come, first served basis with priority given to donated items.

This sale has a number of great highlights. Beginning with great classic U.S. Stamps starting with Scott #2 onwards. There is a very nice selection of Washington-Franklins, various Air Posts and back of the book material with postal history scattered throughout. Some highlights include Lot #7, a #26 on Patriotic cover, Lot #14, a used #121, Lot #17, a very scarce #158e, Lot #57, a n.h. #524, Lot #77, a $1.30 Zeppelin stamp, Lot #87, a #PR89 high value, and Lot #91, a #RE110a imperforate between stamp. A large number of foreign lots with great singles and sets. One key component to this sale is over a dozen collection lots! I would be more than happy to provide sample scans of these lots to those who are interested.

As usual, items marked in RED indicate that the lot has been donated to either the TPA, Journal Fund or the OPS. Those individuals that have donated material include Robert G. Thompson, Joe Crosby, Richard A. Hall, John H. Goetz, Ted Reall, and Phillip Nordstrom. A notable thanks goes to Byron Sandfield of Park-Cities Stamps who has donated much of the Washington-Franklin’s which have been continued from Sale 3. We appreciate the items given by these individuals to help our society and hope that all members will consider bidding on these lots.

Scans are limited in the print catalogue but scans of everything (other than collections) will be shown online at

Bids can be placed either by mail using the bid sheet provided or through email directly to This auction closes JUNE 6th, 2014 promptly at 6:00 p.m. CST. All bids, whether by mail or email, must be received by that time. Images and up-to-date current prices will be posted at


TPA/OPS Auction #3

SALE 3 LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. / 366 Bids Placed by 27 Members

With the success of the last sale, we saw a huge increase in submissions for the TPA Auction. A number of individuals sent in some great material to put together this sale – so much so that we’ve had to push back some lots for another sale. We’ve been trying to limit the amount of lots to about 125 per sale but as you can see we had to bend the rules a bit and arrived at 139 lots for this offering. With that said, if you are interested in sending items in for a future sale, please do so as early as possible as it is on a first come, first serve basis.
This auction has a wonderful selection of both U.S. and Foreign material that should satisfy everyone’s interest. Some U.S. highlights include nice early issues beginning with Scott #1, some certified items by PSE and APS (including some graded), great Washington-Franklin issues, back-of-the-book, Texas-related covers of which is mostly 19th to early 20th century, a section of wonderful U.S. and Confederate covers including a Mexican War cover, set of Zeppelin’s on cover and a Melissa Fox First Day Cover. Foreign section has a wide-range of items including a scarce Albania Korce set, Canada, high-value Great Britain, among much more. Minimum bids on most all lots are tempting and we expect a large amount of interest across the board!
Special thanks goes out to all those who decided to donate the proceeds of their lots to the TPA, Journal Fund and OPS. Those individuals include Bob Dumaine (Sam Houston Duck Company), Richard A. Hall, Dave Stockbridge, Jonathan Topper (Topper Stamps) and Malcolm Goodwin. A notable thanks goes to Byron Sandfield of Park-Cities Stamps who donated a whole section of Washington-Franklins (which will be continued into the next sale). Support from our members is what keeps us functioning and in a healthy financial state. We appreciate the help greatly and hope you support these lots which are in RED to signify that they’ve been donated.
We try to scan each individual lot but due to space restrictions, some lots are only partially scanned for the journal and/or online. If you wish to see more, please do not hesitate to contact us. Lots, scans and current bid status on lots are updated frequently online at

Bids can be placed either by mail using the bid sheet provided or through email directly to This auction closes SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 promptly at 6:00 p.m. All bids, whether by Internet or mail, must be received by that time. Images and up-to-date current prices will be listed online.